Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Aqua Park of the Wat'n'wildIn Haikou!

Aqua Park of the Wat'n'wildIn Haikou!

29 May 2019

 Our next stop is the Aqua Park "We'n'wild" in Haikou. Emotions just 

I'm still so impressed by the water park

The name of the Aqua Park speaks for itself "We'n'let" — "Wet and Wild", a description of us while riding on the Gorki. At the entrance you will be greeted by the children's playground slides, no child is left without entertainment, which is to his liking. Fountains, swimming pool, special slides for children and two large "buckets", which are filled, poured with splashes from above directly on you. After that, you won't be dry. This is just the beginning, more-more! 

Water park area of 50 000 square meters! The whole area occupies about 30 dizzying slides (International standard!), a pool with waves, a café, if suddenly you get hungry during turbulent emotions. We decided to start with the "lungs" of slides to merge into the whole atmosphere. Three slides nearby seemed to us not so terrible, but here having risen upwards, sensations at once change, in a stomach feelings of excitement and fear. And then you have to overdo yourself! A yellow slide that seemed too cutAnd terrible, was not so frightening. Again, this is just the beginning.. 

Next slide that caught our attention, with a sunbed and roll on the belly! Oh, it feels like a dark tunnel and you don't know what to expect, there's light in the end and you're flying down! And in a second already downstairs, digest everything that has happened and what feelings have experienced. 

If you come with a friend/girlfriend and want to ride together (to see the emotions of each other), there are several slides, specially designed specifically for two on the cylinders. There are also big slides for big company. One of these slides was very fond of us. 4-6 people sit down on a large tank and on the steep slopes you speed up the funnel, and then slowly and slowly slide down. 

In addition, we managed to see one of the most beautiful sunsets in Haikou. Below are the photos for your complete formation of impressions.

Lockers, locker rooms, showers all as it should. The theme water park was opened very recently, everything is very nice and clean. Therefore, visiting Haikou, a visit to the water park obligedTwilight! 

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