Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan All You Need Is Love: Wuzhizhou, the Island of Love!

All You Need Is Love: Wuzhizhou, the Island of Love!

16 May 2019

‘I love you’ is one of the most strongest phrase in the English language. A permanent word that bonds you to another person. Where would you take your lover to? Why not the romance island of wuzhizhou.

Even if you are not there with your lover, maybe you can find one while you are there. We took a short ferry ride to the island (about 50 minutes) and got to take a tour of the island. We were first rushed off into the carts and shown the beautiful scenery along with little mechanical surprises along the way.

To the misty mountains and stunning views of this place is perfect for a nice relaxing vacation. Then all you can eat buffet can satisfy anyone's hunger.

As you go to the beaches you can see all the beautiful romantic pictures people were taking. The sea of wedding pictures will leave you with a feeling of love and passion. As you drive by you can tell them hello and wave. They will greet you with enthusiastic responses.

The sand is also perfect for taking a nice nap and there will be plenty of activities you can take with you are your partner.

The only advice I would give you is be ready to walk. Some things like restrooms are put not efficacious but rather one must traverse through substantial distances to locate some of the facilities.

But still another gem hidden the a sea of gems know as Hainan!

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