Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Adventures in Wonderland: Global 100 Theme Park in Hainan

Adventures in Wonderland: Global 100 Theme Park in Hainan

5 June 2019

When I was young, I was fascinated by the story of Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to go through the adventures of the heroine of this story Alice.  Finally, after a years I had the opportunity to engage in such adventures that I was passionate about and more when I went to Changying Wonderland .. Let me describe this place to you and tell you what I saw there:



Hainan Changying Global 100 International Cultural Tourism Resort, which covers an area of 412.7 hectares, is an international film industrial base in Haikou, which integrates film entertainment, creation, production, education, performance and communication into itself.

Changying Resort is an ultra-large-scale film industry cluster, a cultural industry cooperation platform, a film entertainment kingdom.

Changying Wonderland:

Changying Wonderland is a highlight of the Changying Global 100 International Cultural Tourism Resort. Changying Wonderland is the works of seven international first-rate design teams, adopting the most advanced technology of film simulation, customizing international pioneering entertainment equipment, leading to the unique dreamland experience, creating a "day & night", "interaction & experience", "film & technology", "light & hot dance" movie entertainment kingdom!



Changying Square consists of a big gate like ribbon and piano keys, Avenue of Stars and ---Plaza.

During the day, there are non-stop activities such as music festival, carnival, The Color Run, Red Carpet Show, making the island full of joy. At night, the light and water show on the square will be sparkling. Tourists seem to be on remote and dreamlike Planet Pandora, celebrating a visual feast that will never end.

There are 38 floodgates at the big gate, welcoming and leading tourists from all over the world to the wonderland of light and shadow.



The mysterious and grand Silk Road Adventure is the cultural experience zone of Chinese and western cultures.

It is rooted in the historical background of "the silk road" and "Zheng He’s voyages to the west", using the world's top film technology and architecture art, telling the brilliant and surging Chinese civilization and story.

Loulan Tower

The 150-meter-high twin towers are carved with patterns of Chinese Western Regions. They are like the majestic and exquisite works of ancient Loulan. The two towers are the highest indoor jumping machine in the world, which can accommodate 96 tourists, drop 50 meters in a second,

Zheng He Treasure Ship

World class art director makes the giant ship that shows the true historical appearance, cooperating with top quality visual studio to create program content meticulously. The tourists become crew members and follow the formation to set sail in immersive images.

They can explore the Western Pacific Silk Road, battle with the towering waves and unknown enemy.



Fantacy is an experience region with bold and unrestrained atmosphere of flamenco. Stunts shooting site and digital imaging technology make tourists experience the passion of film and television special effects and feel the infinite charm of the movie.

Extreme Stunt Show

They invite the French Paris Disney ace stunt team to join them in this project and they build a grandstand just like sun gate square in Madrid, in order to give the tourists a super - class stunt show. Breathtaking speed, realistic and shocking blasting scenes and extreme parkour...

This is the live version of "Fast & Furious", a super movie presented by the top production companies and the flying stunt warriors with the surprise twists in the storyline and the performance exert all their energy.

Space Flight

Do you want to "traverse" to Mars?

Do you want to see the magical scene of the comet hitting the earth?

Do you want to enter the high-tech spaceship to explore the universe?

Here you can satisfy you all!

In the 23-meter super ball screen, 4K digital cinema projectors, and chairs that can move free in six directions provided by an American company Spriz, have created a space war theater just like Star Wars.

Tourists become space warriors, board the ship, have a close fight with cosmic monsters attacking from anywhere, and experience the shooting rain in science fiction war.

There, you can find a lot of interesting activities everywhere


Covering an area of 130,000 square meters, Sleepless Island is a fantasy land that combines Dutch style, fashion experience, night shows. It is also an entertainment center, exotic performance, parades, special bars resturants and other events.


The sincerest welcoming, graceful dances will be offered here day and night, featuring by Passionate summer parade, Splendid dream parade, Spanish flamenco dance, German folk dances, African dance, magic shows and fireworks displays in both traditional and popular ways.Large-scale intelligence interactive light shows (version 5.0) which adopts the world’s most advanced light technology, light up the night with stunning and marvelous light effects!


Different from the general park, Changying Wonderland has a remarkable interactive Film Museum with a perfect combination of technology and art, and an exterior filming location with exotic architecture styles. It is a theme park that not only will bring joy and happiness to the world, but also a cultural exchange platform for Chinese films to the world, and the world focusing on Chinese films.

Changying Resort build a bridge to lead Chinese film industry to the world, and bring the world film industry to China. It is an important window, image and a new name card of Hainan International Tourism Island to the world, a new milestone in the development of China's cultural industry, an important platform for implementing the strategy of powerful cultural country, a representative work of promoting China's cultural soft power.

Changying Resort is helping to boost the building of Hainan International Tourism Island to realize the glorious all-for-one tourism pattern which will be like the sun and the moon shining together, and the sky full of stars.

Changying Resort is a high-tech entertainment palace with film elements wrapped in magical colours, the closest place to your dream.

In Changying Resort, you will experience numerous fancy feelings, impressed with many splendid moments, be inspired with wonderful ideas and full of incredible imagination...

The heart of Hainan, is about to brighten the west coast of Haikou, illuminate Hainan, light up China, and amaze the world!

I really high recommend you to go there and enjoy these  advintures. So, I can provide it to you detailed information to reach there:

长影环球100 文化旅游度假区
Global 100 Theme Park
Address: Haikou , Xiuying District, Yeahai Avenue, 100. 
Ticket price: adult - 288 yuan, children - 168 yuan, student - 220 yuan, elderly (from 70 years) - 198 yuan (special offers with discounts can be viewed through the Chinese discounter Meituan - 美团).
How to get to the park:
1)      By taxi (address in Chinese is above).
2)      By bus (bus stop is on the opposite side from the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) bus No. 21 to (美舍河大桥) - (美舍河大桥) change the bus - No. 96 to the stop of the " Global 100 Theme Park " (total journey time about 1 hour 30 minutes).
3)      Direct (stop on the opposite side of the North gate of Hainan University (万福新村) tourist route 4(旅游4线), total journey time about 2 hours).

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