Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan Global 100 theme park is a jewel of pearls

Global 100 theme park is a jewel of pearls

5 June 2019

Changying Hainan “Global 100” project is located in the west coast long-sail group of Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province (to the south of Nanhai Avenue, north of Coconut Road, east of Shugang Highway, west of Changbin Extension Line)

Changying Global 100·Fantasyland National Scenic Area is like a jewel of pearls. Through the walking system that runs through each area, it is connected into a streamlined layout like a “pearl necklace”.

Changying Global 100·Fantasyland 's rides all adopt the most advanced film and television special effects technology in the industry. The entertainment equipment is tailor-made by the United States, Britain and Italy, and is specially customized. It is truly unique in China and world-class!

Possible coaster footers on the right here. Looks to me like your standard Vekoma/Golden Horse mine train setup. 

A waterfront component features a fishing village, an indoor street and the giant ship from the legendary story of ‘Zheng He’s Expedition’. All these elements work together to create an impression of ‘The Great Silk Road’ journey.

Global 100 is part of a mixed-use, leisure, retail, hospitality and residential scheme occupying over 400 hectares. The park features six themed villages inspired by international film-making attractions from China, Europe and America.

Changying Hainan “Global 100” Project Phase I Project – Changying Global 100· Wonderland which consists of six major parks: Ticketing Zone, Holland District, China Zone, Derui United Zone, UK Zone and Spain Zone. Relying on the rich film culture of Changying, the world-class design team is invited to preside over the planning, and the original humanities art and architectural features are displayed

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