Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan A cup of tea a day keeps the soul at bay.

A cup of tea a day keeps the soul at bay.

22 May 2019

A cup of tea a day keeps the soul at bay.


Traveling up the mountains

trees to left, 

trees to the right. 

Oh! This sun is so bright. 


Fountains of tea

For you and me.

Can you see?

This is destiny.


Add a lime,

And it starts to shine.

This purple tea, 

Can you see? 


On this field-trip

We learnt one tip.

A Cup of tea a day,

Keeps the soul at bay! 




Traveling to Wuzhishan was pure bliss, we spent the day walking through nature, observing trees, waterfalls, birds, tiny bugs and some huge spiders. 


After our hiking trail we headed off to a tea leaf farm. At the farm we were welcomed by friendly faces, with smiles from ear to ear.

They walked us up the mountain and there we had the opportunity to pick our very own red tea leaves. This was my first experience and the first time I had ever seen fresh tea leaves. The smells and aromas is something I’ll never forget. 


The local people prepare a bbq dinner for us, a huge bonfire and we danced the night away.... 


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