Hainan today Fall in love with Hainan '天气越来越热'


29 May 2019

'天气越来越热' (tianqi yue lai yue re - the weather is getting hotter and hotter) – this is a sentence fr om the speaking class and I really agree with this! Now Haikou's temperature is about 30-35 °c (I can’t imagine how I can live in Thailand anymore because it is hotter than here). If you don't turn on the air conditioner, maybe you cannot do anything, but if you just stay in the room with the AC and watch TV series, it will be very boring, so I am very lucky that this time ‘Fall in love with Hainan’ team goes to the WET ‘N’ WILD water park. Let’s see how it is.

Wet ‘N’ Wild water park is a popular water park in so many cities in different parts of the world, for example: Sydney, Gold Coast, Las Vegas, and in Haikou.
When you arrive, you will get a wristband to open a locker and keep your stuffs here, it’s a good idea to let the guests have a waterproof wristband because it is very convenient and hard to get lost.

When you enter the water park, you will see a lot of pools and slides, so you don’t have any idea which way to go because they are all interesting but the big one in front of you is the highlight of this place.

Fr om the very first moment you enter the water park, it’s impossible not to notice a lot of children playing and joyfully splashing in the water. Have they come here with parents, right? So why are they alone in the pools? Don’t their parents take care of them?

To my mind, the most important thing parents care about their children is security and their happiness, so in the water park they can really be relaxed and not worry about the security of the kids, because all slides and pools are well-equipped, moreover, the water park staff takes care of everyone. My photos are a good proof: everyone is happy and having fun.

It really makes me happy to see kids having fun here with their parents and makes me miss my childhood. I remember when I was young, I used to ask my father to go to the water park with me, but when I grew up, I didn’t go so often. To tell the truth, I have already forgotten the last time that I went to the water park.

If you are thirsty and hungry, this place also has shops where you can buy snacks and water, there is a restaurant if you want to eat some food. By the way, if you feel that it’s enough of extreme and emotions for you and would like to leave the place, but your stomach is asking for food, I suggest you walk a little bit and go to Mission Hills Centreville to have a bigger choice of restaurants.

The ‘Vortex’ is in the left picture, it is the most iconic slide here and in the right one there is the ‘Half pipe’, up to 6 people can sit in the tube, so you can enjoy this moment with your friends.

If you or your friends accidentally forget swimming suits, no worries, this place also has a shop, where you can find a big variety of swimming suits and lots of souvenirs.

Like in all articles I have written, now I also want to thank ‘Fall in love with Hainan’ for a good time that me and my friends have spent here. Wet ‘N’ Wild water park is a good place to have fun with friends. And it would be perfect if you come here, especially when it’s so HOTTTTTTT outside, as visiting this place makes your hot day cooler, fresher and much more pleasant. Enjoy your time at the Wet ‘N’ Wild water park :)

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