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“Your vision -our focus “

24 April 2019



One of the most common questions asked about laser eye surgery  is how permanent the treatment is?  

However, the answer to this is somewhat complicated. Vision is subject to change and fluctuations over your lifetime – just like every other part of your body. 

 How does laser eye surgery work? 

Laser eye surgery involves reshaping the cornea to correct refractive errors including NEAR-SIGHTEDNESS , FAR-SIGHTEDNESS  and ASTIGMATISM.This remodelling is achieved by removing some of the tissue from the cornea.
Once this tissue is removed it cannot grow back, so in this respect it is a permanent alteration. However, as mentioned above, everyone’s optical conditions change over the course of their lives, so the results can vary with time.              

The effects of laser eye surgery -

In the immediate period after your surgery with Optegra you may experience some blurring, so you will need to make arrangements to get home safely. Your old glasses or contact lenses will no longer be of use, as your cornea will have been permanently altered.
It may take a few days for this blurriness to subside but it will begin to improve and continue doing so for several weeks. Between three to six months after surgery your eyesight will reach its optimum level.

How does age affect laser eye surgery? 

The eye evolves over the course of its lifetime. Optical errors, which cause vision issues, are very often age related. As you grow from infancy the eye changes, with a period of stabilisation in the early to mid 20s in most cases.
Then as you approach middle age, usually in your mid 40s, vision tends to worsen. This condition, called presbyopia , is a natural part of ageing but affects some people more than others. This has nothing to do with the shape of the cornea (which is the area of the eye corrected during surgery) but a weakening of the muscles surrounding the lens.
Depending at which point in your life you have had the laser eye correction procedure, you should be aware that your vision will still be subject to the natural ageing process.

So we are here to help you ,our facilities are :

CLINIC of LASER VISION CORRECTION "Hi-Vision", located in the city of HAIKOU, offers Russia and English speaking services so the foreign patients welcomed.

We work with patients with the following visual impairments:
Myopia from-0.5 D to-27.0 D,
Farsightedness from + 0.5 D to + 18.0 D,
Astigmatism from ± 0.5 D to ± 7.0 D,
We also work with Amblyopia, strabismus and presbyopia (senile farsightedness).

The clinic "Hi-Vision" has the following advantages:
1) Head of the clinic-operating surgeon, a doctor with a world name-Mrs. Liang Chung. 
2) in the clinic "Hi-Vision" conducted more than 60,000 successful operations. There is no experience of operational failures or operations with complications.
3) in the clinic "Hi-Vision" is used only the most modern equipment produced in Germany and France, which allows to perform laser vision correction of the most advanced types of today: Femto-LASIK and Lepto-LASIK. As a result, there are no post-operative restrictions on sports or work by eyes for the clinic's patients.
4) The clinic is known in China and abroad for its experience in conducting unique surgeries, including for patients with ultra-fine cornea and very large diopter. In exceptional cases, there are also operations for minor patients.
5) The clinic has Russian and English speaking staffs.
6) The clinic is designed according to the standards of the hotel "7 stars"; Internal Logistics Clinic "Hi-Vision" excludes the presence of queues.
7) Operations of the clinic are insured for the amount of 2 million yuan; There were no insurance cases in the whole history of the clinic.  

This functionality is critically important, since eyecare professionals are always going to play a key role in deciding the type of care and treatment a patient receives. Enabling them to scrutinise the technology’s recommendations is key to making the system usable in practice.



Since our inception we have seen over 70+k patients, all of whom have benefited from our individual approach to healthy eyes and optimum sight. We don’t rush your eye test and always ensure you feel comfortable and well-informed at every stage of this thorough process.

  “We look forward to welcoming you to our friendly practice!”       

                               ARTICLE BY: NIK BISTA



                  “Thankyou fall in love with hainan ,Department of Tourism and Culture of Hainan province” 

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