Hainan today Sharing my impressions Water Sports on Wuzhizhou Island

Water Sports on Wuzhizhou Island

16 May 2019

While most of Hainan province consists of Hainan Island itself, the province also has many smaller islands all around the main island’s coast. One of those islands in Sanya is called Wuzhizhou, and it has been developed as one of China’s premier water sports destinations.

Name any water sport and Wuzhizhou has it. Surfing, scuba diving, and every kind of boat awaits. The Wuzhizhou jet takes passengers on a wild ride through huge waves and 360 degree turns. Be sure to hold on tight! You might even try the water jet packs if you are bold enough… 

…And best of all, the entire island is encircled by fantastic crystal-clear white beaches! 

How much Hainanese can you speak? People in China are pretty impressed if you can speak decent Mandarin, but if you learn some words in a local dialect you'll truly earn some respect from the locals. The workers on Wuzhizhou are proud of Hainan's culture, and greet all guests with, "哇哎噜", which means "I love you" in Hainanese. 

Since it only takes a short boat ride to get to Wuzhizhou Island, you’ll definitely want to check this little island out next time you are in Sanya. 

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