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The Hi-Vision Center

24 April 2019

"The Center of Laser Vision Correction HI-Vision"

I am proud to introduce this amazing clinic that can provide treatments that are not available in other world premier vision clinics.

Want to see like an eagle? Tired of glasses? Tired of contact lenses? 

This is the best place I would recommend and choose. 


-Complete eyesight recovery including myopia , Farsightdness , astigmatism and presbypio.

-Latest technology equipments.

-Fully painless operations and most importantly chief surgeon who has successfully conducted more than 70,000 operations.


The Head surgeon, Professor Ms.Liang Qiong had already successfully completed more 70.000 operations. She has patent #1 registered at the ministry of health of China. Ms. Liang has nearly 20 years of unique experience in the treatments. She has no cases of unseccessful operations. 

The operation itself takes just a few minutes and it is totally painless. You dont have to live in this clinic,and you can return to your routine in just 2 hours after the operation. In Hi-Vision center, the English & Russian speaking staff member will meet you with a warm welcome and accompany you during your stay at the center.

They have really friendly service and i would defenitly recommend this clinic to everyone. Hi-Vision center will also help you to book the hotel for any dollar value, recommend safe and best cafe&restaurants. You may combine your trip to restore your vision with a relaxing vacation at the most romantic place in China,Hainan Island.The cost of the basic operation in one eye at the HI-Vision clinic center is only 3250 Chinese Yuan. The prices is so much lower than the rates of other first class clinics because they have a consistently high flow of the grateful patients.
Also if you register for an operation throught their website , it is guarenteed that Ms.Liang Qiong will be your operating surgeon.

Today is your day to change your lifestyle and see like an eagle ! 


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