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Hi-vision : Good choice for your eyes

24 April 2019


►Advantages of Hi-vision

1. designed according to 5-star hotel standards.

2. you will not encounter any waiting lines or an excessive number of other patients.

3. Hi-vision for your convenience provides individual lockers, where you may leave your personal belongings   including cell phones (during the surgery time).

4. comfortable waiting areas for patients and for those who accompany patients.

5. If you arrived with a child, there is a playroom where you can leave your child while you have your eyes’ examination or surgery.



►mission of Hi-vision - to give our patients the best

 The best conditions for meeting patients and performing operations are the essential additions to the main advantages of Hi-vision center :

1) a wide range of operations

2) highly qualified specialists

3) the most advanced equipment




►Someone who can operate in Hi- Vision

1. myopia (fr om -0.5 to 27 diopters), farsightedness (fr om +0.5 to +18.0 diopters)

2. astigmatism (+/- 0.5 to +/-7.0 diopters)

3. presbyopia (an age-related condition)

4. we are proud that our experience enables us to help and treat those people who have been rejected by other clinics. (Many of our patients are much older than 45 years old, the normal age lim it at other clinics. )



►More details about Hi-vision

1. Use of the SBK-LASIK technology and Femto-Lasik technology, the most advanced forms of laser vision correction in the world.

2. The operation lasts no longer than 5 minutes, with minimal laser impact to each eye.

3. The operation is performed by high-level professionals. All operations for patients from Russia are held personally by the Head of the Center, Ms. Liang Chun.

4. The operation is performed using the most advanced equipment manufactured in Germany—the femtosecond laser FS200 WaveLight—and France—the microkeratome Moria One Use-Plus SBK.

5. No post-surgery rehabilitation period. You may return to work within two hours of the surgery.

6. No restriction on sports, reading or working on your computer. No restrictions on the subsequent birth of a child.

7. staffs who can speak English and Russian will meet and accompany you during your stay at the Center.

8. At your request, our staffs will meet you and arrange the pickup from Haikou airport or a railroad station to the hotel or the Center.

9. You may combine your trip to restore your vision with a relaxing vacation at the most romantic place in China: international tourism destination Hainan Island.

10. We have been successful in returning vision to more than 60,000 grateful patients.



►How to contact

license Number: 400098460100417936 from 27.06.2011

E-mail: HiVisionKang@126.com

Phone: +86 186-0891-2216, J.S.Kang

WhattsUp: +86 186-0891-2216

WeChat: HiVisionKang

Vk: http://vk.com/hi_vision




operating time(经营时间):

AM8:00~PM9:00 (normally open during holidays)


address (中心地址):


Bus line (乘车线路):










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