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Have You Been Taking Care of Your Eyes?

24 April 2019

For expats in China, finding professional, English-speaking doctors can be a bit of a challenge. Going to the hospital can be anxiety inducing when you are wondering how you are going to communicate, but taking care of your health in China is of course just as important as it is when you are back home. 

But as China continues to develop rapidly, more and more cities are building medical and health facilities with Western standards of service and hygiene. Even smaller cities are beginning to establish hospitals with English-speaking staff for the increasing numbers of foreigners across the country. 

While hygiene standards will continue to improve in China, choosing a medical provider in China is still a choice that shouldn't be taken lightly. Here are some things to consider: 

1. Can doctors and staff speak English at this establishment? If not, is your Chinese good enough to understand complex medical terms? In case of emergency, it's best to know where you can receive treatment fr om English-speakers if necessary. 

2. What are the qualifications of these doctors? Many hospitals in China are now hiring Western-trained Chinese doctors with credentials from respected institutes abroad. 

3. And perhaps most important of all: hygiene! You don't want to come back from the doctor's with more problems than before! 

There is of course more things you will want to consider, as nothing is as important as your health.  

But one of the benefits of living in China is that often treatment of equal quality, but for much lower prices, can be enjoyed. One such treatment that has become quite popular in Hainan is lazer eye surgery at Haikou's Hainan Vision Center (海南眼视光学中心), wh ere thousands of surgeries are carried out every week by vision care expert and chief surgeon, Dr. Liang Qiong.

Dr. Liang takes great pride in not only the range of services offered at Hainan Vision Center and the preciseness of the center's vision checks, but also personally conducting the center's each and every operation. The vision center offers professional service at very affordable prices, and better yet, they also have English and Russian-speaking staff so that foreigners can enjoy there services as well! 


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