Hainan today Sharing my impressions Can you see what you want to see?

Can you see what you want to see?

24 April 2019

Buying glasses are extremely personal, it needs to suit your taste, your face your smile and mostly, it should complement your eyes. All of us buy glasses to improve and protect our eyesight but what If your glasses could talk… what will the stories be that it would tell?


This weekend we were out taking photos of landscapes and I saw the most amazing...

Last night I was walking and I saw "the one" ...

I got a notification on my phone and...

I wish I just saw that one second more of...


It's not fair to yourself to suffer from blurred vision, Life through my glasses is beautiful, funny and polarized!


The Hainan Hi-Vision centre in Haikou has English, Russian and Chinese speaking services! They offer to also assist with VISAS to fly in from abroad to the 59 countries that are eligible for a 30 day stay with a VISA on arrival.

City: Haikou

District: Мэйлань, остров Хайдень (Meilan, Haidian Island 美兰区,海甸岛)



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