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"The Chinese dream - seven colors of the future"

23 July 2020

Does your child have unique art skills? Or in China, he (she) began to learn wu-shu? Or do you want to encourage his (her) interest in self-development, as well as give him (her) a better starting position in life and even get some additional points for the enrollment in a prestigious Chinese university? Do you want your child to be a star on the central Chinese TV channels and have unique opportunities? Or maybe you are just staying in China with your family and don’t want to risk going to the Outside World, and now you are making some plans for summer holidays, and want your kid’s summer holidays to be especially memorable with something good and bright? Or maybe you are the head of a school or section, and you have a lot of “your” children?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions above, then we invite you to read the information below about the participating in the largest national-youth event in China! Don’t worry if you or your kids don’t speak Chinese fluently or at the highest level, because all foreign participants will be accompanied by the Hainanlife team, the creator and organizer of Sanya International Kids Fashion Week

So, what is waiting for you on the resort island of Hainan this summer?

The name of the event: "The Chinese dream - seven colors of the future."


- The Chinese Cultural Foundation "Yan Huang";

-    Beijing Yulong Ancient and Modern Art Theater;

- CCTV "I love you, China";

- Chinese cultural and educational network;

- Scientific Herald - Cultural and educational weekly.

- Internet TV and children's channels;

Organizer: Organizing Committee of the China Youth Art Festival.

Co-organizer: Song and Dance Troupe of Beijing Yulong Ancient and Modern Art Theater.

The event is supported by more than 10 well-known media, including 新浪网 - Sina.com (the largest Chinese infotainment web portal); Xinhua News Network; CCTV "I love you China" Internet TV-children's channels; "Dou-yin" (Chinese social video application "Tick-Tok"); Hainan Life portal and others.

Participants: Talented children and adolescents aged 3 to 18 years! 

Divided by age groups:

- Preschool group: 3-5 years;

- Children's group A: 6-8 years old;

- Children's group B: 9-11 years old;

- Youth group A: 12-14 years old;

- Youth group B: 15-18 years.

Different nominations include:

- Dance;

- Performance of instrumental music, including classical (western) and national instruments;

- Vocal (song) music;

- Speech performances: reading aloud by heart, Estrada, theatrical performance, program host;

- Catwalk;

- Chinese national martial arts of wushu;

- Calligraphy, art, photography;

Registration: For permanent residents of Hainan 

- in order to register to participate in the qualifying round, please send an application form to the mail address (daria@hnspg.com) indicating the following:

(Registration languages: Russian, English, Chinese):

For each participating child:

- Surname and name in Latin letters (and Chinese name (if any)

- nationality,



-the name of the type of art which the child will perform.

For an accompanying adult (at least 1 adult for each child, 1 adult can accompany several children at the same time):

-Full name,

- nationality,

-city of permanent residence in the homeland and in China,

-contact information (WeChat or mobile number).

After receiving the confirmation of the application, you will need to arrive at the venue for the qualifying round. 

You can also register (only in Chinese) by clicking the link to the Chinese version of the event and at the end in the field 选送机构 enter –“hainanlife”.

For residents of the mainland China, to register for participation in the qualifying round, you need to send an application form to the e-mail (daria@hnspg.com) indicating the following:

(Registration languages: Russian, English, Chinese)

For each participating child:

- Surname and name in Latin letters (and Chinese name (if any)

- nationality,



-the name of the type of art which the child will perform.

For an accompanying adult (at least 1 adult for each child, 1 adult can accompany several children at the same time):

-Full name,

- nationality,

-city of permanent residence in the homeland and in China,

-contact information (WeChat or mobile number).

You can also register (only in Chinese) by clicking the link to the Chinese version of the event and at the end in the field 选送机构 enter –“hainanlife”.

If you are not in Hainan now and coming here twice - to participate in the qualifying round and the final competition, is not convenient for you, you can also send us videos of performances or photos with previously received honorary diplomas related to the art your children is going to perform. If approved by the organizing committee, the participant can take part directly in the finals in Sanya, having received a special notification of the finalist of the national show issued by the organizing committee.

A fee for the participation in the qualifying round: 100 yuan/child (you can pay at the venue of the qualifying event, through WeChat or by link to the Chinese version of the event).

* Payment is made once and gives the right to participate in the qualifying round, if the child successfully passes the qualifying round, no additional fees needed for semi-finals and finals). 

Judges and guests of honor:

Zhang Dexiang (张德祥) - Director of China National Institute of Vocational Education, Vice President of Chinese Academy of Biological Sciences of Ministry of Education, Vice President of International Federation of Chinese Media, Co-President of American Academy "Tao Xingzhi" (special guest of the opening ceremony).

Wu Jingxin (吴景馨) - Director of the China Musical Instrument Association, Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Instrumental Music of National Minorities of China, Director of the Office of the National Association of Musical Studies of China (special guest of the opening ceremony).

Liu Dagang (刘大刚) - a well-known production designer, national-level actor, performer of the role of Sha Wujing (character of the novel "Journey to the West" (special guest of the opening ceremony).

Yu Xiwen (于锡文) - a famous performer of a“musical saw” (a saw used as a musical instrument) of The People's Liberation Army General Political Department, a famous singer, erhu (a stringed Chinese musical instrument) performer, Vice President of Chinese Musicians Association (special guest of the opening ceremony).

Yu Fang (于芳) - Deputy director of Deputy Director of China International Education Television (special guest of the opening ceremony).

Dong Dong (董冬) is a young singer of the rocket-military literary of the People's Liberation Army of China, the envoy of Public environmental protection of China, the ambassador of education for road safety among primary and middle school students (special guest of the opening ceremony).

Wang Lin (汪林) - Member of the Chinese Musicians Association, clarinet player of the Cultural Work Corps of the Political Work Department of the People's Liberation Army (invited jury).

Ma Jinquan (马金泉) - singer (baritone), teacher of vocal art, professor of the vocal and song department of the Chinese Conservatoire, Master Instructor, member of the Chinese Musicians Association, member of the Central Commission for Cultural Work, specialist reserve staff of the China National Art Fund (invited vocal jury).

Dong Yan (董雁) - Professor of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, deputy director of the Institute of Cultural and Creative Studies, project leader of the Training Center of the Qinghua Academy (invited art jury).

Chen Yue (陈悦) is a well-known Chinese young flutist, professor of the Department of National Music of the Chinese Conservatory, Master Instructor (invited folk music jury).

Fu Hong (傅 红) - a famous pianist, teacher, associate professor of the Piano department of the Chinese Conservatory, Master Instructor (invited piano jury).

Sun Xiao Juan (孙晓娟) - Deputy Director of the Dance Department of the Central Academy of Drama, Secretary of the Party, master of performing arts at the Beijing Academy of Dance, National First-Class Actor, Member of China Dancers Association (invited jury member in the dance nomination).

Ren Xiao Meng (任小梦) – Member of the National Youth Broadcasting Professional Committee, specialist (master's degree) majoring in broadcasting of Communication University of China (Beijing), (invited speech jury).

Zhang Hui Jun (张慧君) - a well-known journalist and presenter of the CCTV program (guest presenter of the opening ceremony).

Participation requirements and evaluation criteria:

Based on professionalism, authority, openness, honesty and impartiality, in order to provide the best opportunities for participants in the event and help participants prepare for the performance, in accordance with relevant standards, the National Organizing Committee has developed the following evaluation criteria:



The positive, optimistic and healthy content of the dance program. New and unique choreography.

Competitors must be expressive while performing, be able to fully express their skills through body language.

During the performance, a demonstration of good technique and quality movements is also expected.

The rhythm of the accompanying music should be in harmony with the dance.

2. Performance of instrumental music, including classical (western) and national instruments.

Accurate and unified grasp of pitch and rhythm in performance. Playing music should be complete and systemic.

There must be a certain degree of expressiveness in the performance, which can clearly show the theme of the music.

String instruments require an accurate bow hold; wind instruments should sound smooth and clear.

A natural rhythm of performance and proper form are needed.


3. Vocal (song) music.

Clear song performance and natural breathing.

The correct intonation during singing and the exact rhythm.

Singing with feeling, the ability to express the meaning of the song during performance.

The movements during singing are calm, beautiful and natural.

4. Speech performances.

(1) Reading aloud by heart.

Positive, healthy, lively content.

The pronunciation must be clear and precise. Participants must be able to clearly express and convey feelings through language skills.

The participant must have a good understanding of the work and accurately reveal the topic and express the main idea.

During the performance, the pose must be correctly chosen, and the movements must be natural and coordinated.


(2) Estrada.

The content of the selected work is healthy, vibrant, positive.

The participant must show a feature of the selected theatrical work.

The movements should be smooth, natural and harmonious.

Clear pronunciation and diction.


(3) Theatrical art.

Interesting and positive content of the selected work.

Clear pronunciation and diction.

Singing (speech) should be distinct and melodic, rhythmic performance.

The movements should be natural and reflect the psychology and character of the character.


(4) Program host.

Pre-prepared topic, improvisational topic, answers to questions from jury and other forms of speech.

Requirements for the stage image: modest, temperamental, elegant, friendly, with decent manners and friendly behavior.

Performance languages – Chinese (Mandarin) and English, the speech should be expressive and exciting for the audience.

Clarity of speech, clarity of diction, logic, a clear sequence, the ability to briefly and clearly express a thought, simple movements.


(5) Catwalk.

The outfit should correspond to the actual category age, the image is healthy and vivid.

The movements and postures of the participant should be natural, smooth, beautiful.

The movements of the participants should be well combined with the musical accompaniment demonstrating the outfit theme.

Participants must have good manners, be balanced.


(6) Chinese martial art - Wushu.

Quanshu - battle without weapons (Wushu style). 4 types of traditional martial art: with/without weapon, group/ pair performance. 

The performance should show tradition and emphasize innovation.

The format is performance-oriented, it should be interesting and scenic.

The sequence of movements must be coordinated.

All the contestants themselves prepare the costumes, the requisites necessary for the performance, MP3 music (the organizing committee provides 1 piano, 1 guzheng (an ancient plucked musical instrument), 1 drum kit (drums)). All necessary items should be prepared in advance. 


5. Calligraphy, art, photography.

(1) Pictures (painting): national painting “Gouhua” (size not exceeding 69 × 90 cm), watercolor or gouache (size not exceeding 55 × 80 cm), engraving (size not exceeding 55 × 55 cm), cartoon painting (single painting of 4 A4 format, or 4 paintings each of 1 A4 format), oil painting, cartoon, contour drawing (pencil, charcoal, ink).

(2) Calligraphy: brush (not less than 35 × 50 cm); hard calligraphy: pens, pencils, colored pencils, etc. (Size no more than A3, calligraphic font not limited). The works of the participants of Children’s group A, B take part in the competition at least of 30 characters, the Youth group A, В - at least 40.

(3) Engraving seals in the Zhuan style: no more than 40 × 69 cm or 35 × 138 cm, calligraphy font is not limited.

(4) Photograph: size not more than 60 × 60 cm.

Requirements for participation:

The modern look and life of children are the main thematic stories. The performance is not limited in form, it should be interesting, lively, artistic. Contestants demonstrate art skills; each performance lasts no more than 4 minutes.


Evaluation Criteria, etc.:

1) Grades will be put up on a 10-point system with a maximum score of 9.99 and a minimum score of 7.00 points.

2) The prize for outstanding achievements will go to participants with more than 8 points, 8.01-8.50 points - a bronze medal, 8.51 - 9.00 points - a silver medal, 9.01- 9.50 points - a gold medal, 9, 51- 9.99 points - Grand Prix.

3) Points will be taken from the players who exceed the prescribed time of the performance.



Children participants:

1. Grand Prix, gold, silver, bronze medals, awards for outstanding achievements (cups, certificates, medals).

2. " "Certificate of Art Speciality" issued by the National Organizing Committee for the Assessment of Students with Special Abilities.

3. For the original program, a gold medal is awarded, as well as a special sign of the National Organizing Committee “Seven Colors of the Future”.


Participating schools:

1. If the number of gold medalists from one school has reached 15, the school receives a special sign issued by the National Organizing Committee "An institution raising outstanding teenage creative talents in the field of art."

2. If the number of gold medalists of one school has reached 30 people, the school receives a special sign issued by the National Organizing Committee "10 best educational institutions of the country, raising outstanding teenage creative talents in the field of art."


Headmasters of educational institutions:

1. For the outstanding contribution to the event, the headmaster of the educational institution will be awarded with an honorary diploma of the National Organizing Committee with the honorary title “Education Worker Raising Outstanding Teenage Creative Talents in the Field of Art”.

2. The heads of art groups with a domestic special teacher certificate or an international and domestic art professional accreditation certificates were invited as a a ribbon-cutting guests for the opening ceremony of the event.


For teachers:

1. If the number of gold medalists - students of one teacher has reached 10 people, the teacher will be awarded a certificate of the National Organizing Committee, for example: “Gold Award for Dance Program Guidance”.

2. Guiding teachers for the original program are awarded a special golden sign of the National Organizing Committee “Seven colors of the future for preparing the original program”.

After all the contestants have performed, an awarding ceremony will be held for all participants in the event; artists of the Chinese Conservatory will reward all participants in the event. CCTV, China Networks, China Network, People Network, Xinhua, China net, China Reporting Network, China News Network, China Youth net, China International Education TV, CCTV I love you China net, Sina, Sohu, Today information, China Information Network, International Online, Tencent Video and others — more than thirty mainstream television networks — will broadcast the event.

Other awards for participants:

1) The choir performing at this event will receive an invitation to the “12th August International Festival of Choral Art of 2021” at the National Theater, a rehearsal from national professional artists, and will perform in the best national theaters and the best choral scenes of the world.

2) All the actors of the show-video will be included in the collection of highlights broadcast on CCTV "I love you, China", Internet TV - children's channels.

3) At the event, with respect to talented and prominent contestants, the organizing committee will give priority recommendations to film crews of children's films and TV.

4) Talented and outstanding contestants in the artistic field will be recommended for the nomination “Best Children's Work”, and will also be recommended by the organizing committee to participate in the International Book Fair in Frankfurt 2021 and the Book Fair in Bologna, Italy 2021 .

5) The group and individuals’ performers at the event will be recommended by the organizing committee for CCTV-3 Walk of Fame, as well as other television channels: Dance World, Lucky Score, Very 6+1, Gold 100 seconds, TV “I Love You, China” Internet -TV-children's channels and other sections of CCTV to participate in recording programs.

6) For outstanding groups and individual participants who stand out especially at the event, the organizing committee will create an art archive that will be deposited in the Chinese Young Art Talents Information Center created by the Chinese Art Association (this is one of the channels through which the Chinese association finds and cultivates art talents, and cultural and art institutions exchange information) for CCTV, China Academy of Opera, Chinese Contemporary Art Week, etc.

7) Talented and well-trained actors will be invited as ambassadors of the youth festival and for cultural exchange in the field of art.

8) The Organizing Committee will choose special collective programs for participating in the recording of the annual spring festival in Beijing, "Seven Colors of the Future - I Love You, China" of the National Youth Spring Festival Gala. The Gala will be broadcast on Chinese educational television during the annual spring festival, CCTV, etc.


Registration deadline is August 1, 2020.

Qualifying round: August 1 and 2, 2020, Haikou, the Qilou Theater on the Qilou street(骑楼 剧院) and the assembly hall of the Fu Li corporation (富力首府城市), located at: 国兴大道大英山东四路与国兴大道交叉口东北侧.

Semifinal: August 9, 2020, Haikou, the assembly hall of the Fu Li Corporation (富力首府城市), located at: 国兴大道大英山东四路与国兴大道交叉口东北侧.

National final: August 12-16, 2020, the Moulin Rouge Theater at Mangrove Tree Resort World Sanya Bay  (三亚湾红树林度假世界红磨坊剧场).

On August 13, 2020, the 15th annual Solemn Ceremony of Youth Art in China, “The Chinese Dream - Seven Colors of the Future,” a series of the National Youth Competitive Talent Show (National Final in Sanya), will be held in Sanya.


Contact phone number: 13034941403 (Daria - Russian, English).

WeChat QR:

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