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    McWilliams, 10 June 2019
    In corresponding with the prerequisite requirements, we shall look into the eye of majestic and stoic heroism. Such is the story of Boao! Please join me for we shall take a literary tour of Boao.
    Doaa, 10 June 2019
    Boao, the seat of the Boao Forum for Asia, has its share of luxury hotels. Tourist facilities are well developed, with heavy overseas Chinese investment.
    Ashish, 9 June 2019
    The name Boao lives up to its name. According to legend, "Bo" means "generous", "Ao" is the son of a dragon, the patron saint of local fishermen, after whom this place was named. Many hotels in Boao have their access to the sea, and the wonderful white sandy beach stretches for more than 40 kilometers.
    Ricky, 5 June 2019
    There's a new theme park in town... Come check it out! Residents of Haikou and Hainan no longer have to travel to Hong Kong or Shanghai for a Disney-esque vacation. Between the many water and theme parks in Haikou and Sanya, there is plenty of family friendly entertainment on our beautiful tropical island. Global 100 Theme Park is the latest park bringing in crowds of Hainanese and mainlanders alike! With the variety of shows and rides available, it's easy to see why. Upon walking into the park, the first thing you see is two massive towers like something straight out of a fantasy novel. They look even more fantastic at night as they light up Haikou's skyline. Along with many 3D films, a visitor favorite is their motorcycle and car stunt show. If you thought China's waimai (外卖; delivery) scooter drivers drive with a need for speed, you haven't seen anything yet! With daredevils on motorcycles and in race cars, this is certainly not one to be missed. Global 100 also impresses with a variety of talented foreign and local chefs, musicians, and dancers. I've been told it's not uncommon for foreign quests in the park to be mistaken for park performers! You are a Laowai! Embrace it! Take some photos with some friendly and curious Hainanese, and heck, you might make some local friends to show you around Hainan's many other attractions. For those studying in China, be sure to bring your student ID for a discount. Discounted tickets are also available on Meituan (a Chinese APP; ask a Chinese friend about it if you haven't already downloaded it). Global 100 is conveniently located on the outskirts of Hainan's provincial capitol, so you'll definitely want to check this place out next time you find yourself in Haikou!
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