About Hainan Healthcare


Hainan is known in China as the island of longevity. The following statistics speak for themselves: 

  • There are over 2,000 centenarians on the island;
  • There are 23 centenarians for every 100,000 inhabitants. On this basis, Hainan finds itself easily in first place in China.
  • By world standards, an area of longevity is defined as a place where there are no fewer than seven individuals per 100,000 of population whose age is greater than 100.

Hainan occupies not only the first place in China in longevity but is also counted among the top places in the world. Sixty year-olds here are regarded as youngsters and the sixty-plus age group makes up over 15% of the total population.  

The main reason here, of course, is quality of life. ‘Old-timers’ in Hainan remain physically active and mentally agile for longer than anywhere else in China. The reason for such longevity is the unique combination of living conditions on the island. Ths abundance of sea air, which is rated as the highest quality air in China, clean water, a mild climate, a relatively unspoiled environment (heavy industry is banned from Hainan) as well as fresh, readily available fruit and vegetables, not to mention regular bathing in the island’s natural volcanic hot springs.

 With this in mind it is not surprising that the Chinese government decided to make Hainan the health resort centre of the country. A large medical complex has been built near the small town of Bo’ao in the east of Hainan and it is envisaged that here first-class doctors will offer world-class treatment with state-of-the-art medical equipment.  

On top of this, there is already a large number of various clinics in both Sanya and Haikou which offer a range of treatment using Western or traditional Chinese medicinal techniques. In the provincial capital Haikou one can find the first-rate laser eye-surgery clinic Hi-Vision. Out of the over 60,000 operations undertaken there has not been one ineffective one. Indeed Hi-Vision has successfully carried out corrective eye surgery that even some of the best doctors in the world were unable to perform.

In our ‘Guide’ section you can find out more information about other medical facilities. http://www.hainanlife.ru/guide/health_facilities/

We wish you all good health!