About Hainan Education


Educational facilities on offer here in Hainan are becoming more and more popular not just among Chinese but among foreign students as well.

In keeping with this trend, more and more higher educational institutions in Hainan are providing English-language courses to foreign students, although thus far most foreign students tend not to be from English-speaking countries, but from Russia and the former Soviet Union as well as various African and Asian countries.

Thanks to the professionalism of the teaching staff Hainan is leaving behind its former reputation for being a provincial island with a ‘provincial’ level of education. Obviously, in terms of ratings, Hainan universities and colleges cannot compete with the big players of Shanghai and Beijing. But if your chosen profession is the hotel business or connected to tourism then this is the place for you. In various universities around the island a range of exotic professions is offered, such as a certified golf instructor.

Hainan Normal University offers a wide range of studies in various fields including teacher-training, tourism, law, economics, technology etc.

And now the question we often hear and that is whether Hainan is a suitable place to study Chinese. Many are concerned by the fact that the local Hainan residents speak an obscure dialect of Chinese which is far removed from standard Mandarin Chinese. We at Hainan Life, however, would say that Hainan is definitely suitable. Firstly, all the teaching in higher educational institutions in China is conducted in standard Mandarin Chinese. Secondly, much of the teaching staff at higher educational institutions in Hainan hail from different provinces themselves but regardless of this must anyway meet a certain high government standard of Mandarin in order to be able to teach at any educational institution in China. Finally, Hainan is a very mixed community and the local population also comprises of many Chinese from the northern regions attracted by the tropical climate. So, learning Mandarin Chinese here in Hainan is a highly worthwhile and productive experience.

The academic year in China consists of two terms: the winter term goes from September to January and the spring term runs from March to June. The winter holidays are usually between one and one and-a-half months long, but their exact dates depend upon the date of Chinese New Year in any given year. The Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year of our calendar as it is based on the old lunar calendar, but is somewhere between the end of January and late February.

It is not difficult to enroll in a higher educational institution in Hainan. If you are planning to enroll in a language course then you only have to prove that you have completed secondary education. If you wish to study for a degree or for a diploma then knowledge of Chinese is required for which one must sit and pass the standard Chinese language test H.S.K. at a certain level. This H.S.K. exam can be sat at your institution. At Hainan Normal University, for example, the exam takes place once a month as a minimum and will still proceed even if only one student has registered to sit the exam.

Hainan Life is slowly adding Hainan’s best academic institutions to its list of partners. So, please remember to check our list of partners before selecting your future ‘alma mater’. Hainan Life’s partners are not only often the best in their field, but also offer members of the Hainan Life community discounts on their goods and services.

For those planning to come to Hainan with their children, then do not fear. There is a large variety of Chinese and international state-owned and private nursery schools to choose from.

We wish you fun and productive studies in Hainan!